Selling real estate is personal. It’s our goal to keep it on the personal level too. We would love to visit with you about our plans and coverages. We know we can be a benefit to your Brokerage.

Value for You and Your Clients


Set Listings Apart on MLS


Competes with New Construction


Smooths Negotiations


Protection from Unexpected Repair Expenses


Peace of Mind for Clients


A Great Closing Gift!

Why Should a Broker Team Up with Home-Tech?

It’s a Perfect Fit for Listings

Many times, friction over equipment issues in a Listing becomes a barrier to reaching the closing table. The easiest path to a sale is this: Home-Tech repairs anything that isn’t functioning in the Listing, puts the Home Warranty in place, and then it can be passed to the new Buyer at the closing. Covered repairs needed during the Listing time period can easily and quickly be dealt with. Even a common problem, like an A/C failure is deemed an emergency by Home-Tech with same-day service. National companies take days, or even weeks, to make these types of repairs. They don’t really understand our climate and our market. No one in SWFL is willing to wait two weeks for an A/C repair! But, it’s a common complaint we hear from our Broker friends using other companies.

The Blame Game Disappears

No Realtor or Broker wants to deal with unhappy, disappointed or even litigious clients after a transaction is complete. If there are any equipment break downs, there is only one number to call – ours! With Home-Tech you get the end game you want – happy clients referring others to your brokerage. How many complaints have you heard from people unhappy with a home warranty company and how it handles its customer base?  Our Members are not a one-time transaction for us. We want to help them for a lifetime of appliance repairs, HVAC repairs, replacements and other needs they may have. This dedication to our Members is a perfect match to the dedication you have to your client base.

Local Company/Local Rep

Home-Tech has been doing business in SWFL since 1981. The representative that will help your office is also a local person who works full-time for Home-Tech. Your representative can drop off supplies, give presentations, answer questions, or drop by for new Agent orientations when requested. This is a representative that isn’t assigned to you from Tampa (or even farther away) just running a route with you on it. Our representatives are members of the realtor associations to which you belong. They attend networking events your Agents attend and genuinely get to know you and your team. And when your clients need help, it’s a local number they call. They will always get a live person to talk to – one of our knowledgeable staff members.


“I find that it gives a buyer some reassurance that if they have a problem with the air conditioner or the dishwasher in that first year, they just pick up the phone and make one phone call and their covered. I really love to give it to my sellers. It makes a really nice gift. It pretty much is a win win.”

~ Darlene House, MVP Realty

Referral Agreement

Submit your referral agreement online now.

Your Home-Tech representative will be in contact with you to help you get started with your referrals.

  • Current Home-Tech Referral Fee Values:
    Gold Service Agreement Sales (Per Total Sale) - $50
    Silver Service Agreement Sales (Per Total Sale) - $30
  • The Parties Agree to the Following:
    1. Referral fees are reserved ONLY for:
        * Gold Service Agreements
        * Silver Service Agreements
    2. Referral fee values will be issued in the form of:
        1. Check
        2. Gift Coupon(s) Redeemable on all Home-Tech products
    3. Referral fees are rewarded as a direct result of a specific referral that results in the sale of a Home-Tech Gold Service Agreement or a Home-Tech Silver Service Agreement. Subsequent sales of goods or services to the referred customer shall not be subject to a referral fee. Additionally, no referral will be paid when Home-Tech discounts are given.
    4. Referral fees shall not be paid for referrals made on current Home-Tech customers, defined as an active Service Agreement member.
    5. A signed CRP Referral Agreement must be on file and Service Agreement in effect before referral fees will be paid.
    6. Referrals shall be sent by email to the Home-Tech Representative or submitted at [email protected]. Emails and online submissions are used as proof and date stamp of referral. Phone calls to the Home-Tech Representative are only acceptable as a secondary means of communicating referrals.
    7. Referral fees will be paid monthly following the sale and all monies collected or terms of payment have been agreed to by Home-Tech and customer.
    8. Agent is an independent contractor and not an employee or representative of Home-Tech.
    9. The Home-Tech Representative will be the Agent's contact and has authority to enter into this agreement with the Agent.
    10. Agent(s) will be required to complete and file with Home-Tech, form W-9 before annual total Referral Fee Values exceed $600. For total annual Referral Fees of $600 or more a 1099-Misc. will be issued to Agent for tax purposes.
    11. This agreement is in effect from signing date or online submission date and can be cancelled by either party, at any time by written notice or email. Home-Tech reserves the right to change agreement terms at any time and will issue a new contract to be reviewed and signed by the current agent. Home-Tech reserves all rights of final Agent approval, program details, changes (including referral fee values) and the duration of this program without notice. Home-Tech is not liable for any terms or commitment made by its Representatives except as may be expressly set forth in this agreement.