Property Manager

Being a Property Manager in SW Florida requires quite the arsenal of service providers to assist your clients. Your Home-Tech Representative is excited to help you start turning your property owners into Home-Tech Members. Our Members only have one number to call for appliance repairs, appliance purchases, air conditioning repairs, air conditioning installation and minor plumbing and electrical services. The convenience of a Service Agreement will be valuable to you and your clients.

Value for You and Your Clients


Smooths Negotiations


Protection from Unexpected Repair Expenses


Peace of Mind for Clients


“I am a property manager and recently had 5 A/C units serviced for their annual cleaning and maintenance. The tech called (as requested) to give me notice that the was on his way and politely introduced himself and even put plastic booties on his shoes before entering the units. He was very thorough, competent and explained what he observed on the A/C units. He even took the time to answer an owner’s questions by phone regarding his system and the filters used. He was on our property for the greater portion of the day and worked through a rainstorm and never even took a break for lunch! I would like to thank him again for his hard work and dedication.”

~ Mary Ann Lodde

Submit Your Application

Submit your application online now. Your Home-Tech representative will be in contact with you to help you get started with your referrals.

  • Current Home-Tech Referral Fee Values:
    Gold Service Agreement Sales (Per Total Sale) - $50
    Silver Service Agreement Sales (Per Total Sale) - $30
  • The Parties Agree to the Following:
    1. Referral fees are reserved ONLY for:
        * Gold Service Agreements
        * Silver Service Agreements
    2. Referral fee values will be issued in the form of:
        1. Check
        2. Gift Coupon(s) Redeemable on all Home-Tech products
    3. Referral fees are rewarded as a direct result of a specific referral that results in the sale of a Home-Tech Gold Service Agreement or a Home-Tech Silver Service Agreement. Subsequent sales of goods or services to the referred customer shall not be subject to a referral fee. Additionally, no referral will be paid when Home-Tech discounts are given.
    4. Referral fees shall not be paid for referrals made on current Home-Tech customers, defined as an active Service Agreement member.
    5. A signed CRP Referral Agreement must be on file and Service Agreement in effect before referral fees will be paid.
    6. Referrals shall be sent by email to the Home-Tech Representative or submitted at [email protected]. Emails and online submissions are used as proof and date stamp of referral. Phone calls to the Home-Tech Representative are only acceptable as a secondary means of communicating referrals.
    7. Referral fees will be paid monthly following the sale and all monies collected or terms of payment have been agreed to by Home-Tech and customer.
    8. Agent is an independent contractor and not an employee or representative of Home-Tech.
    9. The Home-Tech Representative will be the Agent's contact and has authority to enter into this agreement with the Agent.
    10. Agent(s) will be required to complete and file with Home-Tech, form W-9 before annual total Referral Fee Values exceed $600. For total annual Referral Fees of $600 or more a 1099-Misc. will be issued to Agent for tax purposes.
    11. This agreement is in effect from signing date or online submission date and can be cancelled by either party, at any time by written notice or email. Home-Tech reserves the right to change agreement terms at any time and will issue a new contract to be reviewed and signed by the current agent. Home-Tech reserves all rights of final Agent approval, program details, changes (including referral fee values) and the duration of this program without notice. Home-Tech is not liable for any terms or commitment made by its Representatives except as may be expressly set forth in this agreement.