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We know that as a Realtor you have many choices when it comes to referring a service company or a Home Service Warranty Company to your Buyer or Seller. We thank you for referring your local company, employee owned Home-Tech. Your Home-Tech Representative is dedicated to helping you provide a Service Agreement for every one of your real estate transactions.

Value for You and Your Clients


Set Listings Apart on MLS


Competes with New Construction


Smooths Negotiations


Protect Your Buyer


Peace of Mind for Clients


A Great Closing Gift!


“I can definitely highly recommend Home-Tech for my clients because I think being employee owned is such a huge asset for any company. These guys who are out there in the field are very conscientious about their work ethic. I can’t say anything but good things about Home-Tech.”

~ Candace Farmer, Realtor

Frequently Asked Questions

Home-Tech understands that your clients come first, and the same is true for us! That's why we've compiled the most frequently asked questions about our Home Service Warranties.

Why Should My Clients Choose Home-Tech?

There are plenty of reasons why your clients should choose Home-Tech as their home service warranty provider!

For starters, we never use subcontractors, which means we can offer guaranteed 2-hour timeframes for our technician's arrival.

We also take emergency calls 7 days a week from 7am - 10pm, even on holidays. So, your clients can rest assured knowing their AC and appliances are covered!

How to Compete for Listings

Compete for listings by standing out in the crowd with a Home-Tech home service warranty!

Whether you represent the buyer or seller, you can offer something completely unique: peace of mind.

How Can I Compete with New Construction Homes?

To compete with New Construction Homes, you have to let your clients know they're covered. And there's no better coverage than a Home-Tech Gold Home Service Warranty!

With Gold, the parts, labor, and service call fees are all covered for the AC system and all major appliances in the home.

Does a Home Service Warranty Help Stand Out in the MLS?

Yes, a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty helps your listings stand out in the MLS by offering something completely different from your competitors.

Showcase your listing by offering peace of mind to your potential clients.

What is an Employee-Owned Company?

Home-Tech is proud to be an Employee-Owned company that puts our clients first.

The employees own a share in the company, which means they act like owners.

Your clients can be confident they're getting the best of care.

What are Home-Tech's Ratings?

Home-Tech has a near-perfect five-star rating on Google and is rated "A+" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our ratings are important to us as it helps us do our very best to serve all our clients and yours!

Does Home-Tech Use Subcontractors?

In the over 41 years of service, Home-Tech has never used subcontractors.

Instead, we have in-house trained technicians that receive ongoing training to ensure they know the appliances inside and out.

And because we never use subcontractors, we're able to offer two-hour frames. That way your clients know exactly when our technicians will arrive.

Is There Emergency Service?

Home-Tech's first priority is our Home Warranty Members!

Your clients can rest assured that if their appliances or AC needs an emergency repair, Home-Tech will be there for them.

We take emergency calls 7 days a week from 7am - 10pm, even on holidays!

How Does a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty Help Avoid Buyer Backlash?

Avoid buyer backlash (and heated phone calls) by offering a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty!

Our home service warranties cover your buyers by offering emergency repair services, parts and labor coverage, and so much more!

Next time something breaks, let your buyers call us, not you!

Do Sellers Benefit from a Home Service Warranty?

Every homeowner benefits from a Home Service Warranty, but especially sellers!

Give your sellers peace of mind from having to worry about major appliances (or worse, the AC) breaking down before the closing with a Home-Tech Gold Home Warranty.

How to Avoid an Open House Catastrophe with a Home Service Warranty

We know an open house catastrophe is the worst nightmare for our REALTOR friends. But you don't have to worry anymore with a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty.

Whether if the AC goes down or the fridge takes a sudden vacation, we're only one phone call away from saving that open house!

How Do I Give My Listing an Edge?

You can give your listing an edge by providing a Home Service Warranty from Home-Tech!

With same-day emergency repairs, you can offer your clients something the competitors can't: peace of mind.

What Can Help Protect My Vacant Listings?

As a local company here in Southwest Florida, Home-Tech knows all about snowbirds buying and selling their second homes.

Keep your vacant listings protected with a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty and enjoy your beach day!

What Should I Give as a Closing Gift?

While everyone else is busy giving wine that goes bad in a week, you should be giving something unique (and actually helpful) as your closing gift.

Give the gift of peace of mind with a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty!

How Can My Clients Apply for a Home Service Warranty?

If your clients are ready to apply for a Home-Tech Home Service Warranty, they can either call one of our sales representatives, or they can submit a contact form below for a FREE quote.

Referral Agreement

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